Les Others Studio
imagined the brand identity of Youza,
the new luxury forest lodges. The identity matches the place : creative, warm,
and connected to nature.

Youza is the most sustainable ecolodge only one hour from Paris. The site opened in summer 2022 with 14 cabins in the woods and a central building to have breakfast and chill by the fireplace.

The two founders asked Les Others Studio to work with them from scratch to develop the brand identity with two main challenges : make it playful and versatile to evolve with season changes and stand out from the growing competition.

One step after the other, Les Others Studio and Youza built the brand from the brand positioning, the name search, the definition of the tone of voice and the logo design, to the creation of the website and photoshooting in the forest. Inspired by the herbarium – a symbol of transmission and preservation of nature – Les Others Studio created an identity matching the place and the two enterepreneurs personnalities: creative, warm and connected to nature.


Communication Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity


Damien Bettinelli
Nicolas Legras
Laurine Scornet
Alexandra Lair
Bastien Bouvier
Lise Rigaux


Femme Fatale
Charly Derouet