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We produced a digital guide displaying 5 adventures across the Tarn region, aimed at a younger and ecofriendly audience.

Lire la vidéo
Lire la vidéo

The French department of Tarn asked Les Others Studio to create inspirational digital content with the modern look of Les Others magazine. The goal? Reaching a younger ecofriendly audience.

Les Others Studio created 5 low environmental impact adventures across the region. All from 1 to 3 days, accessible for both group of friends or families, offering opportunities to spend time in nature and discover cultural aspects of the region such as medieval villages or local legends.

Les Others Studio set up a team of talents to go on site to film, photograph and write about these adventures. With this content and a carte blanche from the Tarn department, Les Others Studio then delivered 5 Instagram friendly videos and an illustrated digital guide with maps of the itineraries telling the stories of their adventures in the Tarn region.


Visual Identity
Creative Direction


Laurine Scornet
Bastien Bouvier
Nicolas Legras


Cécile Chabert
Thomas Migevant
Clément Osé