on running

Cloud-Hi: The super comfortable shoe
with a higher profile, for urban adventure
and travel.

Lire la vidéo
Lire la vidéo

On Running is a Swiss brand in full expansion in the running sector. They are now entering the sneaker market, in which they compete with strong actors. As a young player, they have to gain notoriety and also consideration from their target audience.

We wanted to keep a community approach, by backing the launch of the brand with sports and/or artistic crews based in their main markets. Among them, Aire Libre, a team of runners based in Mexico City.

We went to meet them to illustrate the lifestyle that On Running wants to promote. We brought back a short film, as well as lifestyle pictures highlighting the new line of shoes.


Communication Strategy


Baptiste Picard-Deyme
Damien Bettinelli
Nicolas Legras


Pavlé Savic
Fabien Voileau