les others magazine

Every 6 months, a breath of fresh air.
304 pages of stories, photographs, illustrations and creative projects.

Les Others Magazine is published every six months. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, approached under the prism of the outdoors. For this edition, we wanted to tackle the field of Audio. In the shadow of visuals for decades, audio is now living a second youth. From virtual assistants to podcasts and 100% voice social networks, some people are even talking about a revolution.

Our magazine is entirely produced by Les Others team: editorial creation, art direction, art buying, etc. The magazine is printed in France (Manufacture des Deux-Ponts) on recycled paper.

It is distributed online, as well as in specialized bookstores in France and around the world.


Art Direction


Thomas Firh
Solene Roge
Nicolas Legras
Bastien Bouvier
Antoine Morel