eminente rum

From Viñales to Havana with Eminente,
a journey to the heart of wild Cuba.

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Eminente pays homage to a wild and unknown Cuba, home of their premium rum. Our close collaboration with the brand’s team allows us to intervene at different levels, from strategy and creation to production. We ensure creative continuity in the expression of Eminente.

Les Others was asked to establish Eminente’s content strategy, as well as the creative ideas and visual identity. In the continuity of this work, our team produced the launch film in Cuba, but also the different photo shoots, in studio (packshots, beauty shots, lifestyle shots).


Communication Strategy
Creative Direction
Visual Identity


Damien Bettinelli
Nicolas Legras
Baptiste Picard-Deyme
Laurine Scornet


Pavlé Savic
Thomas Migevant
Joshua Cunliffe
Lisa Raio